The products of this line are designed for people eating and healthy diet, vegetarians and vegans. Improve health, immunity, detoxify the body and reduce body weight. Maintain harmony and balance with nature.

Bio Fit MitoActin™ 250 gr
 Mitochondrial biogenesis and function Improved microcirculation Improved tissue regenerationMito..
Bio Fit 100% Muesli Bar Green Line
100% natural hemp protein rich in Omega 3 and fiber. Contains no sweeteners, flavors, lactose, whey ..
Bio Pea Protein, Bio Fit  Green Line
Pea protein - Isolate (organic) 100% natural pea protein isolate derived from specially grown peas. ..
Bio Fit Rice Protein, Organic Green Line
100% vegetable, natural protein extracted from the organic brown rice. Rice protein is easily digest..
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