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Bio Fit ONE-A-DAY is precisely balanced premium formula of vitamins, minerals and trace elements designed only 1 tablet to cover 100% of the daily requirement from eating a variety of fruits and vegetables. One-a-day enhances immunity and has a detoxifying effect. Makes a successful fight free radicals and stimulate the endocrine glands. Vitalizes body and energizes the whole day due to the slow and protracted "time release" effect. One-a-day is the most successful multi-crafted formula on the market today created in a German laboratory to respond to the latest findings of science and practice. Suitable dietary supplement for people undergoing stressors of modern life, intense mental and physical labor, as well as active sportsmen. It does not contain GMOs and meets all European safety and quality. Made from Nutrilo (Germany). Laboratory tested vitamin and mineral complex with trace elements with proven efficiency. Dosage: 1 tablet. of 1460mg daily with water taken after breakfast or one hour before a workout. CONTENTS: Vitamin A 1,650 mcg Vitamin B1 1.5 mg Vitamin B2 1.7 mg Vitamin B6 2.0 mg vitamin B12 6.0 ug Vitamin C 120 mg Vitamin D3 is 10 ug Vitamin E 20.1 ug Vitamin K 25 ug Calcium 160 mg biotin 15 ug Chloride 3 mg Magnesium 120 mg Phosphorus 120 mg of Chromium 15 mcg Iron 18 mg of iodine 150 mcg Copper 1,000 ug Manganese 2.0 mg Molybdenum 15 mcg Selenium 12 ug Zinc 15 mg folic acid per 400 g of Niacin 20 mg Pantothenic k -the 10 mg biotin 15 ug. Packing: 30tab. Servings per container: 30 to 30 days. Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA). Made in Germany for the European market.

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