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The shaker is one of the most common attributes among athletes, law-abiding rational nutrition. The complementary role of food additives in the process of building muscle mass and physical properties has long studied and known. But in order to optimize this process anabolic need their regular intake at specific times of the day.

Different sectors of the shaker allows to place tablets, capsules and powder, without any risk of mixing.

The optimal capacity of 500 ml. Sector protein gainer or nitrogen booster is sufficient to prepare a delicious shake. In addition to other sectors, Bio Fit shaker lets you combine several REACTOR Pro in less prostranstvo.Tazi multifunctionality makes your everyday assistant in a rational and balanced diet.

Bio Fit shaker is fitted with shaver underneath the cap in order to quickly and evenly mixing set it supplements.

Easy for washing and maintenance made of high-quality, safe health material!

Always with you!

Modern design, in a nice blue color!

Manufactured in Germany Bio Fit.

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