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Bio Fit Pro Whey Shake specific formula of three forms of whey natural proteins with high biological value (BV), namely - a whey isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzate.

Diverse fast acting amino acid spectrum, reaching almost to rapidly working muscle cells, such as the degree of absorption is provided by the product present in the natural digestive enzymes.

 Pro Whey Shake owns rich in branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and glutamine, ensuring efficient recovery and muscle building.

This supplement will deliver to your muscles most needed amino acid agents to grow and recover quickly after intense workouts.

What else is needed for your tyali and muscles, podiatrist, even after you've grips with Bio Fit Pro Whey Shake !!!

As a dietary supplement, Pro Whey Shake is one of the most popular complete protein formulas, preferred by professional strength athletes.

JK Fitness advises:

Overweight people storing toxins in fat cells morning to take a dose of whey protein shake with Bio Fit / or troubled by green plants. So protchashtiya early morning natural process of detoxification of the body will not be difficult. Protein shake will snack unladen digestive system. In such case would be useful morning cross and induced sweating it will speed up the elimination of toxins from the body.

Attention: Pro Whey Shake is equally useful in the process of muscle mass in the process of removing body fat.

JK Fitness has developed a comprehensive fitness program based on important rule - "Melting fat by increasing muscle mass."

Take advantage of our concept used effectively in practice for over 30 years! Our experience shows that Pro Whey Shake is the best helper to work at 100%.

Dosage: The contents of one measuring spoon (45 g) was dissolved in 350 ml of low fat milk, water or juice and consumed after exercise or when necessary. Day may be adopted to 2-3 doses, the first being thing in the morning.


Servings per container: 50

Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA).

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