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The new and improved Milk & Egg Protein of Bio Fit is classic bodybuilding, combining the best of milk quality egg.

Quick mixing, better tasting, higher quality, Milk & Egg is the basis on which bodybuilders of all levels can rely on their protein needs.

Milky egg protein Bio Fit has one of the highest biological values, in comparison with other similar products on the market. This protein is rich in proteins that help to better metabolism, increase muscle growth, and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance for a long time ..

Provides continuous influx of aminosiselini to muscle cells to 6 hours after dosing.

This makes Milk & Egg Protein is one of the most important post workout supplements or reception when there is a large gap of time between meals.

Pleasant tasting shake with excellent texture and density of protein of high biological value.

Be sure to try Lactic egg protein Bio Fit, because it will help you get the highest percentage postepennousvoimi proteins, with the lowest percentage of carbohydrates and fats in the form of a delicious shake!


One scoop ('25) is dissolved in 350 ml. low fat milk, water or juice and consumed after exercise or when necessary. Suitable for evening use, consumed a dose of 25 g. Bedtime.

Packing: 5 lb / 2268 g.

Servings: 90

Taste: Vanilla

Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA).

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