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What is Nitro Storm? Nitro Storm of Bio Fit is an innovative formula containing quickly absorbed the full spectrum of free form amino acids and peptide bonds including PeptoPro- di- and tri-peptides and a ratio of 8/1/1 BCAA (branched chain amino acids), plus carnosine boosting effect of Food supplement Beta Alanine and vitamins. B6, and sinergirashti matrices energy, stamina and alertness. Nitro Storm increased protein synthesis, promotes nitrogenovoto retention and protects lean muscle tissue from the catabolic stress of heavy training. Beta Alanine and L-carnitine protecting muscles from oxidation during stress and load during a long and difficult training. Arginine and natural energititsi help help of vascular pumps, mental focus, physical exercise and recovery before, during and after exercise. Citrulline, Betaine and norvalinate increase the level of resistance, as well as energy matrix consisting of extracts of guarana, green coffee, green tea and taurine, In practice Nitro Storm of Bio Fit a food supplement containing a full spectrum of amino acids with different chain, incl. Branched Chain BCAAs in free form, as a flow ensures the best possible supply of amines and their full utilization by muscle cells. This product is suitable for use at any time of the training session, especially if it is with increased volume and intensity. For the operation of Pepto Pro, compared with other forms of certain proteins, see. chart! dosage: Dissolve 1 tablespoon Nitro Storm, containing 15 g. Of product in 10-12 oz (280-340 gr) in cold water and take twice dnevno- one dose 30 minutes before workout and possibly in heavy training session, another dose 20 gr.vednaga after her. Packaging: 450 g. Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA)

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