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Licaps® is new and proprietary technology for filling and sealing a liquid in a hard gelatin capsule consisting of two parts. The technology is difficult to copy and is protected by Capsugel. Licaps® are manufactured in pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities of the company Capsugel, which comply with all current Good Manufacturing Practices. (Certificate of GMP AFSaPS). Capsugel is a company founded in the US in 1895 under the name of Warner Lambert, which was the first manufacturer of hard gelatin capsules. Therefore, the attempt by Capsugel in the manufacture of capsules is extremely rich. Naturalness Empty Capsules Licaps® meet the considerations for natural and pure products: Consumers want more natural products with fewer additives and a reduced list of ingredients: - Solvent - No preservatives - Without gluten, starch and sugar - Less amount invested additional substances (fillers) than tablets - Without plasticizers, allergens and genetically modified organisms Licaps® come in modification vegetarian wrap Consumers are increasingly looking for products that are considered "natural." Licaps® can be made from cellulosic raw materials that satisfy vegetarian and other cultural needs. Licaps® are available in a modification in which the shell gelatin is used in products of marine origin. Empty Capsules Licaps® can be produced from high quality fish gelatin, odorless and tasteless. When combined with ingredients of marine origin (omega 3, bio-plankton extracts of green mussels, etc.), the finished product can be labeled as "containing fully products of marine origin." Licaps® improves absorption and biological activity of ingredients: Research proves that recipes based on liquid ingredients achieves better absorption. Capsugel proved by research that Licaps® improves absorption and biological activity of CoQ10 (coenzyme Q10) 32% katto and that of L-Carnitine compared to Softgel. Licaps® for your health and beauty. QUICK ACTION Licaps® released the contents very quickly. Compared to solid forms such as tablets, the ingredients found in capsules Licaps® be released very quickly because they are pre-open. Dissolving Licaps® by Capsugel is always constant. EFFICIENCY Licaps® improves absorption and biological activity of this sastavkite.Pri capsules have -good performance also neutral taste and stomach friendly / more digestible / SECURITY - -Licaps® uses patented technology LEMS sealing liquids in capsules. Is achieved securely sealing, thereby avoiding leakage of liquid contents, also protect the components from oxidation and humidification. - Licaps® contain nitrogen bubble due sealing in nitrogen, which guarantees preserving the freshness of the product. -Licaps® - Safe container. Capsules Licaps® protect them closed ingredients from oxygen and external influences such as reducing oxidation deterioration waterproofing and lateral interactions of ingredients. On the other hand the capsules can be opened and closed again after the seal has been broken. Therefore, the consumer is protected and vitagi has a fresh, clean, legal and safe product. -Licaps® Are quality and reliable capsules of food supplements and medicines -Licaps® is a sign of quality, maximum security and guaranteed not subject to the use of genetic technology and contain no genetically modified organisms (not contain GMO).

Li-caps of L-Carnitine Bio Fit is a food additive that does not contain preservatives and stabilizers, which are needed for the other liquid forms in bottles, because they themselves hermetically sealed capsule substance.

In practice with Li-caps of Bio Fit will get the cleanest and high quality L-carnitine on the market today.

Ingredients: 300 mg pure liquid L-carnitine in li-capsule multiple higher action than all other forms of L-carnitine.

Dosage: 2 li-caps. accepted 30 min.predi trenirovka.Za better results take 2 more Cap. evening before bedtime.

Servings per box: 30

Per serving: L-Carnitine (liquid) 600 milligrams.

Manufactured in the US for Bio Fit for the European market.

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