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Bio Fit Solid Mass in a series of "Elite" is a specific combination of four high quality natural protein (high biological value - BV) whey isolate, instant whey concentrate, hydrolyzed whey peptides and milk protein isolate (caseinate), with a gradual continuous absorption by muscle . The diverse protein profile provides varying degrees of amino acid flow to tired muscles workout acting in the most important four hours after exercise. The high content of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) and glutamine accelerate recovery processes and eliminate damage in muscle cells. The effectiveness of this dietary supplement is reinforced by investments in its vitamin and mineral complex, and guarantee full utilization of available protein in Solid Mass, are digestive enzymes, including patented Aminogen®. Specifically added chromium picolinate increases the insulin sensitivity of the cells and helps in the process of muscle building, without the risk of a rise in body fat. The complexity involved in the short, medium and long-chain carbohydrates of Solid Mass provides a gradual and continuous influx of extra calories needed to build muscle mass. Solid Mass is low in fat and simple carbohydrates, which makes it desirable gainer by American athletes. Solid Mass is modern, proven in practice product to increase lean muscle mass and weight, without unnecessary fat. Dosage: The contents of the two scoops (165 g) was dissolved in 350-400 ml. water or milk and taken after training and another dose two hours after breakfast. Packaging: 8 lb / 3,627kg. Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA). Manufactured in the US for the US market.

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