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Packing: 60 tablets. Servings: 60

Bio Fit Synephrine is a natural source of ephedrine. In contrast, it is harmless. This dietary supplement has expressed thermogenic effect. With this action Synephrine is used as a product of the combustion of fats and their inclusion as an energy source for organizma.Tozi thermogenic fat burner, it can be used as a dietary supplement in combination with Li-caps L-carnitine of Bio Fit. Ingredients: Citrus Aurantum extract (30%) Take 1 capsule daily 30-60 minutes before training on an empty stomach or 1 capsule one hour before breakfast, lunch and dinner ingredients:

Amount per serving: 1 capsule.

Servings per box: 60 Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA).

Made in EU for the European market.

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