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Bio Fit Mega Amino 2500 e dietary supplement containing amino acids in peptide linkages formed by a series of reactions following a 100% natural enzymatic cleavage of whey protein isolate. The enzymatic degradation process (via the digestive enzymes) greatly enhanced uptake of amino acids from muscle. Amino acids are the building blocks of the muscles and as such are one of the most important supplements for all sportsmen. Provide positive nitrogen balance necessary for muscle growth. One tabl.e weighing 2500mg. Mega amino are one of the most potent amino acid in the market today. Produced by special technology in Flash Biolaboratories (Germany) specifically for Bio Fit and distribution in the European market. Modern production process in the most modern German plant medicines and dietary supplements guarantee consumers the highest quality and absorption of digested protein structures of muscles. Suitable for sportsmen whose goal is darza supply of protein to muscle cells before and after training. Due to its fast and high digestibility, Mega Amino 2500 are suitable for fast recovery of protein loss before the second day workout. Not sport with limited protein intake can also use a reduced dose of amino acids (see dosage). Ingredients 3 tablets: Amino acid profile: leucine-557mg; isoleucine - 323mg; valine 307 mg; lysine 510mg; threonine 353mg; Methionine 115mg; phenylalanine 167mg; Tryptophan 84mg; arginine 120 mg; aspartic acid 546mg; cystine 480mg; Alanine 266mg; Glutamine 885mg; glycine 85mg; histidine 94mg; proline 296mg; serine 255mg; Tyrosine 182 mg. Nutrition Table 3. : Pure protein 5625mg. Purpose: enzymes digest whey protein isolate increases protein digestibility and improves the absorption of amino acids that is built. So amino acids in Mega Amino 2500 is the highest utilization rate of muscle cells. Contained in a dose - 1187 mg of BCAAs (branched chain amino acids). Directions: Take one dose of 3 Table. 30-60 min. Before training and another after it, or 2 tablets. 3 times daily between meals). Packing: 300 tablets. Servings: 25. Made in Germany Bio Fit supplements (USA)

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