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100% vegetable, natural protein extracted from the organic brown rice. Rice protein is easily digestible and provides a good balance of essential and essential amino acids. Suitable dietary supplement for athletes and people who do not consume animal products, and for those allergic or having an intolerance to dairy products (lactose), eggs, coya and gluten. Rice protein is 100% organic, unflavored product and with fully vegetable origin, making it suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Speeds recovery and increases the accumulation of muscle mass. With this supplement you can get the necessary amount of additional protein to rebuild muscle after training and ensure their growth. Intake at any time of the day at the training days to be consumed immediately after training because they are digested relatively quickly. Proper intake of rice protein is good for the state of muscles, skin, hair, cartilage and nails. Support and healing process in the formation of connective tissue. Supports maximum functioning of the immune system and reduces the levels of fatigue and exhaustion of the body. It has hypoallergenic properties. 100% natural - does not contain any artificial sweeteners, flavorants, colorants and GMO. Gluten-free, lactose, cholesterol, soy, dairy products and other anti-nutritional factors. Low Carb. It contains no fat. The pleasant natural taste of opizoviya protein allows it to be used as a valuable dietary supplement without adding ĸaĸvito any artificial sweeteners and flavorings. Can be added and to food. Does not irritate the digestive system! Dosage: Mix one tablespoon (30 grams) with 200-250 ml. cold water, milk or your favorite beverage. For best results, mix in the blender for 20 seconds. For a delicious shake, mix with crushed ice and fruit in a blender. Use 2-3 times daily. A dose of 30 g containing 24 g. Protein, 3 grams carbohydrates and 0 g. Fat. Contains no cholesterol. Packaging: 500 g. Package. Manufacturer: Bio Fit (USA).

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