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 Mitochondrial biogenesis and function
 Improved microcirculation
 Improved tissue regeneration

MitoActin™ is natural powder form based on ultra-concentrated red- and blackcurrants.

Ribetril™ A, the patented active compound in MitoActin™, is a unique bioactive polyphenol alcaloid found only in specific varieties of red-and blackcurrants. Ribetril™ A
displays potent triple enzyme inhibition of phosphodiesterase 4 (PDE4), phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE5) and IkappaB kinase β (IKK-β).

Stimulate mitochondrial biogenesis, basal respirationand spare respiratory capacity in muscle cell mitochondria. Two key effects – on enzymes and mitochondria.

MitoActin™ is natural cellular energy with sustained effects:

 Less fatigue and better stamina and vitality
 Vascular smooth muscle relaxation and tissue regeneration
 Аnti-stress effect and stimulation of metabolism
Beauty effects:
 Revitalizing the skin
 Significant anti-wrinkle and smoothing effect
 Significantly Increased microcirculation and moisture of the skin
 Skin regeneration, better blood circulation and vitality effects by acting from the inside.

Ingredients: Extracted red- and blackcurrant compound (91.5 %). The extract contains awide range of nutrients and its stable form is guaranteed by the protective matrix

Direction for use: Add to 1 teaspoons (6 g) in 150 - 200 ml cold water. Taken 30 min. before training or when necessary. Shake well before use.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. The product should not be to replace a balanced diet. Store at room temperature. Keep away from children and pregnant women. Protect from moisture!

100% natural; No sugar added; Gluten free, GMO free; Non irradiation; Doping free.

Patent №: US20150018292 A1

Produced for Bio Fit in Copenhagen by Asiros (Denmark)

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